Outdoor brightness sensor active 0...10V surface-mounted

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Outdoor brightness sensor 0...10V LI65+V.

Voltage supply: 15..35 V = or 19..29 V ~

Output: 0..10 V or 0..5 V (adjustable via jumper), min. load 10 kOhm

Measuring ranges:

0..200 Lux | 0..1000 Lux (standard)

0..2 kLux | 0..10 kLux | 0..20 kLux | 0..50 kLux, adjustable on the device

Suitablefor connection to ZEMS type controllers.

Protection class IP65 according to DIN EN 60529.

Removable cable entry (M20 flex, exchangeable) and removable plug-in terminal block

(max. 2.5 mm²)

Incl. mounting base and fixing screws.

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