Cash Register Plate ALDI North ( Germany )

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Industrially manufactured connection strip as transfer point for cash register connections and, if necessary, signalling technology according to ALDI construction description Annex EU 6.05 or equivalent consisting of 1 piece of aluminium sheet approx. 720x205mm angled, perforated with punched recesses for cable or cable tie fastening equipped with :

1x data socket Cat6 with 2x RJ45 sockets (use see imprint)

1x socket 230V colour green (continuous voltage) see imprint

1x socket 230V colour blue (switched off) see imprint

1x 230V socket outlet orange (lighting) see imprint

1x socket outlet extra-low voltage (for use and current code see imprint)

1x Socket Terko 12V (Usage and see imprint)

1x socket CEE 5-pole 16A (for use and wiring diagram see imprint)

1x grounding screw for grounding the cash register plate

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