Universal dimmer 4 x 570W UDK-04-10

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This 4-fold universal dimmer UDK-04-10 is suitable for all common dimmable

illuminant types.

There are 4 separate dimmer inputs and outputs available.

Dhe control circuits automatically detect the connected load and accordingly switch

accordingly automatically from section to gating technology.


- 4 completely separate dimming circuits à 570 W

- Power parallel switching to 2x 1140 W

- Flicker-free dimming range from 0-100%, without minimum load

- Automatic load detection

- Switchable to phase control or phase angle control

- Immediate commissioning thanks to single-button operation on the device

- 100% reliable short-circuit resistance

- Standby consumption less than 0.4 W per channel

- Also suitable for operation in power networks with diesel generators

- REG in high-quality metal housing = low fire load and long service life

Technical data:

Mains voltage: 48 VAC (-10%) to 230 VAC (+10%)

Frequency: 45 to 65 Hz

Number of dimming circuits: 4

Maximum load per dimmer circuit: 570 W

Minimum load per dimmer circuit: 1 W

Current per dimming circuit: 2.5 A for RCL, 26 A peak for LED

Power loss standby: 0.4 W per channel


W x H x D = 234 x 90 x 59mm

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